Good morning. Have we had enough of the freezing weather and wind? I know the Tuesday night curlers are hoping for NO MORE CANCELLATIONS! There's only one more week to go! Until the playoffs, that is. 

Obituary Notice

I was informed yesterday that Betty Moffatt suddenly passed away. Betty was an active member of our club and Secretary on the Board when Chester was the President. Our sincere condolences go to her husband, Bruce, family and friends. Betty was the mother of Carol Moffatt (our Algonquin Highlands Reeve). At this time, there will be a private family memorial.

Not For Profit Award of the Year

On Saturday night, Kent and I attended the Chamber of Commerce's annual Gala Presentation at the Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre. Amanda Manary, one of our members, nominated the curling club for this award. We were quite surprised and very humbled by this nomination and we would like to thank Amanda for her kind words. We didn't win, however, it was great being in a room with a lot of individuals and businesses that work very hard to make the Haliburton Highlands a wonderful place to live and work. We did receive a very nice certificate that will hang on our wall. Hats off to Mike McFadden, one of our members, for receiving recognition and winning the award for his new business, McFadden's Meat Market.  

The Best Ever Bonspiel and Pig Roast 2

We are hoping that everyone received the first notice from Kent about the Best Ever bonspiel and pig roast happening March 31 - April 8th. You can sign up online or there is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the lounge. We need to have a head count by Monday, March 27th. Drawmasters will be meeting on March 27th, making the teams and setting the schedule. 

Those of you that are out of town or on vacation, please let us know if you will be back and willing to play on a team or spare. NOTE: If you are unable to play in the spiel due to previous commitments but can spare for a game or two, please sign the sheet on the bulletin board in the lounge or let Kent know. 

Last year, we had 22 teams, 88 curlers (from age 12 - 80+) and we are hoping for the same response this year. We can accommodate 96 curlers. Everyone who played in this event had a blast! Night time curlers met daytime curlers and youth curlers and vice versa. We had many, many compliments about this spiel. 

The dinner was amazing! Garth Krieger and Keith Clarkson will once again be preparing the pigs on the grill outside in the parking lot. They will need a committee to help them throughout the day. We are still working on getting the pigs, so it may or may not change. We will still however, have some delicious meat on the barby!

Inside, we had salads galore from wonderful folks who offered to bring these tasty delights. Please make a point to sign the list this year to bring a salad, or make sandwiches for snack. Contact me if you have any questions. There is also a dinner guest list on the bulletin board in the lounge. 

The cost of the bonspiel is $45.00 per curler. This guarantees you 4 games, dinner, entertainment and the possibility of winning a stellar prize. 

The cost for a dinner guest is $30.00 and this gives you a fabulous buffet dinner and entertainment. There will be some draws and fun games.

At this time, we have booked Carl Dixon for our entertainment and depending on the numbers, we would love to have his band as well but that is quite an extra cost and we want to make sure we have the numbers. Last year, we booked Ron Murphy to DJ a party for us and most of the guests went home! I think as soon as the middle tables were removed to make a dance floor, people thought they had to go home. We'll try to change that arrangment for the party. So, don't go home! Carl Dixon is a local legend and puts on a phenomenal show. 

Another change this year is that there will be no playoffs during the time of the closing bonspiel so team members will only play one game each day. The games begin on Friday, March 31st and some of the teams will play one game on Saturday, April 1st. We listened to what you said last year and have tried to spread out the games. The next game will start on Tuesday, April 4th. 

Game times are 4:30pm, 6:15pm and 8:00pm. We appreciate those of you that are working and can't make an early game but just know that this scenario won't happen often. 

Remember that this bonspiel is open to all members aged 12 to OLD. Hahaha

It doesn't matter if you only curled one or two sessions, curl only on Friday nights or were a new curler and used the $99 special membership fee. We would love to see everyone and we can guarantee you a fabulous time!


We are coming to the close of the third session. The end of the third session is Friday, March 24th. The Monday daytime, Tuesday dayladies and Thursday morning mixed leagues have chosen not to have playoffs this year. On March 28th, the Tuesday daytime ladies are going to use their league time to play the game they missed on March 7th due to inclement weather. 

Thursday, March 30th, there will be games for the 6 teams that had 2 byes during the schedule. The fourth sheet can be used for any curler that wants to come out and play and teams can be made up. The draw for that date is posted on the bulletin board. 

The night time leagues will have their playoffs the week of March 27th and the finals will occur from Monday, April 10th to the 13th. The Monday Night Competitive league will also have a playoff time scheduled for Monday, April 3rd. 

The last day of curling is Thursday, April 13th. 


We want to thank all the curlers for their patience during the time when you had to dodge all the buckets and pails on sheets A, C and D. I just wanted you to know we are on top of this and the Board will be looking into how we can rectify the situation. The tremendous amount of snow we had this winter didn't help the matter. Pictures have been taken when the snow on the middle ridge was shovelled as well as pictures of the pails on the ice. Dysart et al is aware of this situation.

We need to wait until all snow is off the roof and the weather is conducive to climb up on the roof to seriously look at the problem. It might just be a simple solution or not. It will be one of our priorities once the season is over. 

We know this has caused John a lot of anxiety especially with 3 bonspiels during the melt. Many thanks to John and his ice team for helping us during this time. We are extremely lucky to have John as our ice technician. 

75th Celebration of the Haliburton Curling Club

This past month I had the pleasure of speaking with Ed Pickard (President 1990-1992) and Chester Howse (President 1999-2008). Ed, who has been curling at the club for around 33 years and will be 84 years old in June, was telling me that when he started curling there were 2 Presidents - one for Seniors and one for curlers that curled at night. Ed called them "The Regulars". LOL

The Seniors group played once a week and were over 50 years old. There were 64 curlers. The teams played 3 ends and then came inside to drink and get warm and then they went back out and played 3 more ends. There were no 8 end games. There were more Seniors than people that played at night. 

It was a small club with a cubby for a bar. Curlers started the season in October and ended the season in March. The cost to play was around $75.00. They had the odd bonspiel. 

Changes started to happen. Chester was the President during the addition and renovations to the club. He was telling me the history of the wood sign that hangs above the bar. The sign says, "Chester's House". The wood for the sign was taken from a pine tree that was on the property and had to come down in order to do the addition. Apparently, Bunny Scott's husband had planted the tree many, many years previous. Chester called Bunny and told her that the tree was going to come down and was it okay? 

Chester asked Mitch Stephen to save the tree in his work yard which he did. He thinks Bruce Martin and Garry Bradshaw were instrumental in getting the sign done behind Chester's back. He was completely surprised!

 Keith Rydberg (a master wood carver) made Chester's sign as well as a sign for Bunny for her front porch.

 Success at Bonspiels

Youth Curling

We all know that our youth curlers have had a wonderful and successful year. Congratulations to the curlers and the coaches. These kids are really lucky to have devoted members of our club that give hours and hours of their time to provide practice and instruction. The Youth Curling Program receives tremendous support from parents, grandparents and local businesses. 

The Youth Curling raffle ends on Friday, March 31st. Hopefully everyone has bought a ticket or two or ten. If you still wish to purchase a ticket, please see Dave Ablett. Winning ticket numbers will be drawn at the closing dinner and presentation. 

The high school girls' team of Jessica Byers, skip, Mackenzie Tidey, Destiny Wilson-Wells and Lena Haase finished 5th at the 2017 Gore Mutual Schoolgirl Provincial Championships. Jessica was chosen as the top skip out of all the teams that were playing. Fantastic results, girls! 

The team of Alanna Casper, skip, Emily Parish, Emma Casey and Ania Smolen did not advance from the Kawartha championships held in Omeemee to attend COSSA, however, their coach, Alexis David, is looking forward to next season. Well done, girls!

 The boys' high school team of Chris Draper, skip, Dustyn McCready-DeBruin, Josh Colicchia, and Brian Wheeler also had a great year. Coaches Ron Draper and Russ Duhaime are very impressed with their showing at COSSA (Central Ontario Secondary School Athletics) on March 6th. To earn their berth to attend COSSA, they played great at the Kawartha playdowns. They did well at COSSA, however, did not win all their games. Great year, boys!

 Men's Bonspiels

Kent Milford took a team to the Rockbusters in Minden in February. If you heard their stories you will know it was a very eventful weekend and one that Jacob Dobson (one of our youth curlers) will never forget! Kent was the skip, Don Hillaby, vice, Ron Draper, second, and Jacob was the lead. "I've got your back" was a favourtie phrase in one game! LOL They got to the 3rd event finals and lost a close game. Steve Colliver was also there with his son, nephew and brother and also lost a close game in the A Event finals. 

Mitch Stephen took a team to Bobcaygeon to play in the British Empire Fuels bonspiel on March 4th. Mitch and his team of Don Hillaby, vice, Neil Darby, second, and Jim Waddell, lead placed fifth out of 16 teams and got some nice steaks!

Curl for Care Bonspiel, Feb. 25th

Many thanks to bonspiel convenor, Bob MacNaull and sponsor, Todd's Independent Grocer for organizing the 9th annual Curl for Care bonspiel in support of the Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation (HHHSF). The bonspiel raised $4000 and included other sponsors such as Haliburton Highlands Brewing and Stone House Wines (Konzelmann Estate Winery).

This event has raised $33 500 over its nine year history. This is fantastic! The funds from this year's bonspiel will go towards the new pallative care centre at the hospital. Winning teams were skipped by Ed Cyr, Jessica Byers, Mitch Stephen, Don Critchley, Lynn Bartlett and Mackenzie Tidey. 

Jack Robertson Bonspiel, March 1st

This was the 40th year that this bonspiel has been playing. Phenomenal! Jack Robertson's daughter, Jacqueline Metcalf spoke about her dad and told us about how much he loved curling and life. This was a great day for all of us and many thanks to Art Dawson who has been convening this spiel for many years. Art would like to hand over the reins next year so please talk to Art if interested. Many thanks to the sponsors from Curry Chevrolet Buick GMC, Pinestone Resort, Sir Sam's, Camp Wanakita, Wayne Hussey, Scotty Morrison, Foodland, Dawson Insurance and Haliburton Lumber.

Congratulations to the following teams for their outstanding curling:

1st place - Bob Johnston, skip, Murray Cooper, vice, Bob MacNaull, second, David Blodgett, lead

2nd place - Glen Smith, skip, Doug Wagg, vice, Fred Jansma, second, Garth Krieger, lead

3rd place - Del Watson, skip, Andy Glecoff, vice, Hugh Nichol, second, David Olgivie, lead

4th place - Ed Pickard, skip, Chester Howse, vice, Dave Allen, second, Dave Taylor, lead

Be sure to look at other pictures on our website from this spiel. Go to and you will get to the main home page. At the top, you will see a number of headers (like Home, Club, Bonspiels etc). Click "Club" and a dropdown list will happen. Click Picture Gallery and there will be all the albums that I have put on the website for you to see. 

 Highland Lassie Bonspiel, March 4

This year's event was extremely profitable. We had 64 curlers, a lot dressed in traditional Scottish garb and of course, great food. Many thanks to convenors, Sue Mason, Wendy Hewson and Jan Ashall and our sponsors, Mitch Stephen (TMS Services) and Amanda Manary (Arbonne consultant). There were several members of our club that helped prior to the day and then during the day and for that, I thank you.

Haliburton took home the hardware once again. Congratulations to Kim Lewis, skip, Sheila Campbell, vice, Cindy Campbell, second and Candy Robinson, lead who placed 1st overall.

1st place in the 1st draw was skip Mary Hillaby, Ginny Carmichael, Laraine Forgrave, and Gabrielle Holmes.

2nd place in the 1st draw went to Sheila Elston from Ilderton but she had 3 members of our club on her team - Lynn Childs, Jane Johnston and  Amanda Manary.


3rd place in the 3rd draw was won by Wanda Ruddy Stephen and her team, Alexis David, Jane Jaycock and Cathy Meades. 

In third place in the second draw was the team from York Curling Club that was skipped by Deb Gahwiler and Lesley Milford played on this team. 

At this time, I am still working to get all the pictures from this event on the website. It's not cooperating right now. 

Home and Cottage Show, June 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Once again, Rick Ashall and Dave Taylor are looking for our continued support this coming June by signing the volunteer list on the bulletin board in the lounge. John and Lynn Childs are organizing this part of the show and the list looks good but they can always use more hands. Remember, that this show brings in between $35000 and $ 40000 which means our membership fees are kept at a great rate. If we didn't have this show you could be looking at adding another $100 + to your fees. So please be around June 2-4 and give a few hours of your time to once again place our club and Haliburton as one of the very best home shows in central Ontario. 

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, March 24 - End of third session
  • Saturday, March 25 - Friday night Social league final bonspiel
  • The Sunday March 26th Practice & Instruction will be cancelled
  • Week of Monday, March 27th- starts the playoffs for night time leagues
  • Tuesday, March 28 - Tuesday Dayladies makeup game from March 7th
  • Thursday, March 30 - Make up games for Thursday day teams that had 2 byes
  • Friday, March 31 - 1st game of the Best Ever bonspiel
  • Saturday, April 1 - some teams will play in the Best Ever bonspiel 
  • Monday, April 3 - Monday Night Competitive league finals
  • Tuesday, April 4 - 7 - Bonspiel Week
  • Saturday, April 8 - Closing bonspiel finals, dinner, entertainment
  • Monday April 10 - 13 - Finals for night leagues and end of curling
  • Tuesday, April 18 - Ice Out
  • Note that the Calendar meeting originally scheduled for Wed. April 26 will be moved to Monday, May 8
  • June 2-4 - Haliburton Home and Cottage Show


We have had another wonderful year. Our renovations have certainly proved their worth (hydro bills are lower), 40 new members joined our club, exciting and profitable bonspiels were hosted, excellent and hardworking Directors, Drawmasters, Coaches, Bonspiel convenors, our Rental Coordinator, and Ice Technicians helped make the year go as smooth as possible.

So many members have helped in some capacity to make the club successful, ie. supporting bonspiels, making food, helping in the kitchen, bartending, etc. How fantastic is this? If you want to help out more and be a convenor of a spiel, a member on the Board, work on marketing etc. please talk to any member of the Board. We are always looking for new, innovative ideas to move our club along. 

So, as your President, I want to thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for putting up with my l..........o..........n.............g........ newsletters!

Mare Out.........

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