Good morning. What a couple of nights! I thought the roof was going to come off our house! This is like an old-fashioned Canadian winter - tons of snow piled high, wicked roads and excellent tobogganing and skiing. 

Inclement Weather and League Status

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel some games due to inclement weather. Drawmasters make the difficult decision to cancel a game and then phone all the skips. The skips then try to call all their team members.

The skips may not know if you have found a spare for your game so it's a good idea for you to inform them ahead of time. This is a fair request. 

Otherwise, PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE ON THE MAIN HOMEPAGE. Every day I update the weather and league status. It is the first article on the home page underneath the registration box. You don't even have to log into the Member's home page to see if your game is playing or not. 

We made the decision to continue curling even if the buses are cancelled. This is a new protocol this year. Sometimes this decision may coincide with bus cancellations (depends on the weather) and sometimes it may not. That's why I am encouraging you to go to our website and read the posting. Some people have told me they can't find it, so scroll down the page and you will see it. Any questions give me a call.  

Session 3 Curling 

If you wish to curl in the Monday morning mixed league, you have until FRIDAY, JANUARY 13th to register or speak to Garth Krieger. 

For all other leagues, you need to confirm or change your choice by FRIDAY, JANUARY 20TH at the latest.

In the next couple of weeks, drawmasters will be working on the third session schedule. So to be fair, all of us need to make any changes by the above dates. Contact the drawmaster or send an email to the website if you need help. 

We have been doing extremely well with all our registrations and our club continues to thrive. Thank you one and all for your wonderful support in this our 75th year of the Haliburton Curling Club. Seems like a good excuse to have another party, doesn't it? How does the "Best Ever end of the Year" bonspiel sound? Party, curl, eat, drink and celebrate. What could be better than this? 

Youth Curling Raffle

The youth curling program is extremely popular in our community. Each week, the coaches work diligently with these keen and enthusiastic curlers to help strengthen and develop their skills and strategies of the game.  

Their annual raffle is now underway and tickets can be bought from various members of the club. Cost is 1 ticket for $10 and/or 3 tickets for $20. All proceeds from this raffle go towards the youth program. 

First prize is a choice of either an 128G iPad Air 2 or an 128G iPad Mini 4. All prizes (7 in all) are listed on a large poster on the bulletin board. These have been generously donated by businesses (most of which are in Haliburton). 

Many thanks to Dave Ablett for coordinating this fantastic raffle. 

Men's Skyline Bonspiel

The 58th Annual Men's Skyline Bonspiel will be held next week from Friday, Jan. 20th to Sunday, Jan. 22nd. Dave Moss has been instrumental in getting 16 or 17? teams from outside clubs. With our own Haliburton teams we now have a full slate of 24 teams. Well done Dave, Kent, Russ, Steve and Don Wetmore. Come to the club and watch some great curling. 

Now here is where we can help. On the bulletin board in the lounge are details of the spiel and a list of jobs where volunteers are needed. Can you help in the kitchen for a couple of hours? Or can you be a driver to help take the curlers back to their cottage or hotel? 

Sign the list or talk to Don Wetmore if you can help in the kitchen and Russ Duhaime if you can be a driver. 

Todd's Independent Invitational Mixed Bonspiel (Friday, Feb. 3rd - Sunday, Feb. 5th)

At the present time, we have 23 teams playing in this event. I just had a cancellation yesterday so I am looking for a team. If you would like to help me out here, please send me an email or give me a call. I may only need 2 people. This is always the tricky part when convening a bonspiel. It's the way it goes and I know our members will step up to the plate because you always do. 

I am also in need of another sponsor. We have 4 events in this bonspiel and currently have 2 sponsors confirmed and 1 possibly still to come. If you know of anyone or a business that would like to sponsor this event please let me know as soon as possible. 

We have a number of new clubs that are being represented this year which is great. This is another spiel where volunteering your time (whether it's baking a dozen muffins/cookies or making sandwiches) adds to the success of the spiel. I will post on the bulletin board the help that I need in the kitchen. I have just been waiting until the Men's Skyline get all their help figured out. I really don't want anyone to get confused over helping at the Skyline or the Todd's. 

The Men's Skyline, Todd's, Curl for Care (Sat. Feb. 25), Jack Robertson (Wed. March 1st) and the Highland Lassie (Sat. March 4th) are our big bonspiels of the year. This is where we can entertain curlers from other clubs and make a name for ourselves. I just saw last night there is a flyer on the bulletin board about the Curl for Care event. Please see Bob MacNaull if interested. This is a wonderful event that truly helps to fund Haliburton Health Services.

It is work to convene a bonspiel and there are several clubs in the north and in the GTA that are struggling to fill their spots and consequently have had to cancel their spiels. We do well for a small club, that's for sure. We have a good reputation and teams have a good time and want to come back. That says a lot!

At a recent 4 Town Men's spiel hosted by Haliburton, a member of the Bobcaygeon team told John Watson that our ice was the best ice he has ever curled on. WOW! Kudos to John and his ice team. My husband was just playing in a Goldline event and was speaking to a friend from Richmond Hill Curling Club. He read the OCA website and our website with great interest about the details of the Men's Skyline and told him he couldn't come this year, but would definitely be here next year! It's comments like these, that we WANTto hear, we NEED to hear and we DO hear. Way to go, Haliburton!

Success stories

On Saturday, December 3rd, our youth curling program had their annual bonspiel that we hosted. There were six elementary teams and four high school teams. The winning elementary team from our club was made up of the following members: Jacob Davidson (skip), Logan Malette, Levi Aldom and Autumn Winder. Congratulations to everyone who played in this spiel. 

On Saturday, December 10th the high school girls' teams went to Peterborough for Zone playdowns for the GORE Mutual High School competition. 

The team of Jessica Byers, Mackenzie Tidey, Destiny Wilson-Wells, and Lena Haase won the bonspiel. So they are off to Regionals in February. 

The second team of girls also qualified by winning the B side of the bonspiel. Members include Emily Parish, Alanna Casper, Emma Casey, Ania Smolen and Grace Kim.

The high school boys' team was also successful and will be heading to Regionals. Chris Draper, Dustyn McCready-Debruin, Josh Colicchia and Brian Wheeler are excited to represent Haliburton. 

Fantastic achievement! Congratulations to all players and coaches - Alexis David and Ron Draper.  

Haliburton Curling Club has another success story to tell you about. On Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, our Senior Men came first in the Dollo's Foodland bonspiel at the Minden Curling Club. Team included Dave Connell, skip, Don Wetmore, vice, Bill Hutson, second and Dave Luke, lead. Congratulations! Sorry Dave. No picture here. Hopefully everyone saw it in the Minden Times. Lookin' good!

Please let me know if you have participated in a bonspiel and the results. It's fun to go to a bonspiel, meet new people, spread the word about our club and have a great time. 

Curling Club Jackets and Hats

Our curling rink is a sea of black, red and white. Looks very impressive! Many thanks to Dave Moss who has orchestrated the sale of these fantastic jackets. Just have to look at Cathy Moss to see how loyal she is to our club! Cathy and Dave are now sporting Haliburton Curling Club baseball caps that are awesome. 

The cost will be $15.00 a hat and Dave is going to see if there is enough interest from our members before he posts an order form. 

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, Jan. 15th - Practice & Instruction - 12 noon to 2pm
  • Tuesday, Jan. 17th - 4 Town Ladies in Minden
  • Friday, Jan. 20th - Sunday, Jan. 22nd - Men's Skyline bonspiel
  • Friday, Jan. 27th - Last day of Session 2
  • Sunday, Jan. 29th - Curling clinic provided for curlers in Session 3
  • Monday, Jan. 30th - First day of Session 3
  • Friday, Feb. 3rd - Sunday, Feb. 5th - Todd's Invitational mixed bonspiel
  • Tuesday, Feb. 7th - 4 Town Men's at Minden
  • Friday, Feb. 10th - 4 Town Ladies at Fenelon Falls
  • Sunday, Feb. 12th - Practice and Instruction 12noon - 2pm
  • Monday, Feb. 20th - Family Day and the club is closed
  • Saturday, Feb. 25th - Curl for Care bonspiel (check the bulletin board)
  • Sunday, Feb. 26th - Practice & Instruction 12 noon - 2pm
  • Wednesday, March 1st - Jack Robertson bonspiel
  • Saturday, March 4th - Highland Lassie bonspiel

 In Conclusion - Yes, I'm finally here!

Did you see the Highlander last week? We have a group of curlers heading to Las Vegas for the Continental Cup and there was actually a very good article about this curling event as well as a great picture of Kent. So while we are here using our muscles to shovel piles and piles of snow, they will be using their muscles to win lots of money while playing the slot machines. Hopefully we will get to see Jack Cox on tv waving the infamous Canadian flag and the rest of them in the stands wearing their Haliburton Curling Club jackets. As you can see by this picture Lynn just sent me, they are not having any fun! Yaa, right! Do you recognize any familiar faces?

We also have to say goodbye to a number of two sessional curlers and our buddies, Jurrie and Karen Hoekstra, who are moving out west. We have quite a few people travelling all over the world in the next two months. We wish them safe travels and hope to see them come back and spare in the third session and/or curl in the "Best Ever" end of the year bonspiel. 

Happy New Year and hope this is the end of all our colds, coughs, flu and sickness that has plaqued our club. All the best in 2017!

Mare Out........

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