Good day to you. Snow bound?  No sooner do you plow and shovel, 15 more centimetres come down and it looks like you've done nothing! 

Life at the curling club has action packed! We have hosted two major bonspiels and started Session 3 since the last time I wrote a newsletter. So, here's the news! Lots of it! And lots of pictures this month! 

Session 3

I can't believe we are in Session 3 already. There are no leagues that have two draws although our larger leagues Wednesday night and Thursday daytime do have teams with byes. Just the way the numbers worked out. Everything seems to be going well at this time so we hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

Inclement weather has caused the cancellation of some leagues, especially the Tuesday night mixed (4 games). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused but you must remember that cancelling a league is done with considerable debate, watching the Weather Network and talking to curlers that live in various parts of the region. I appreciate you reading the website as I try to keep this up to date on a daily basis. If you feel that safety is a concern, you must call your skip and let them know. Kent has tried to change some of the default rules this session, specifically for that reason and because of the byes. 

Remember that if you wish to provide us feedback on any operation at the club, there is a feedback form on the website in the Member's area. It is strictly confidential if you wish and easy to do. 

Footwear Maintenance Tips

At the beginning of every session it is important to look at the condition of your grippers. I am going to include a very handy article from Balance Plus about footwear. 

"Cover your slider with an antislider (slip-on gripper) when not on the ice to avoid damage to the slider. Keep your gripper and antislider clean by washing regularly with soap and water. This will improve traction and keep dirt off the ice. Wipe excess dirt from the exterior of the shoes with a damp cloth. Avoid storing your shoes in extreme cold temperatures prior to games (ie. the trunk of your car).

Avoid unnecessary gripper wear with proper hack placement. Grippers and antisliders are like tires: they wear out and must be maintained and repaired, or replaced when they become worn or damaged. 

Curling shoes receive a lot of abuse from stopping and kicking rocks. Some curlers also rub their shoes together while sweeping. The trailing shoe is subjected to abuse while dragging over the pebble during the delivery. Should you notice wear in a particular area, take the necessary precautions to reduce damage. 

Let your shoes dry fully to room temperature (don't leave them in your curling bag). Remove the insoles from your shoes between games to aid removal of perspiration."

I found some of these hints particulary useful and John agreed that we should be removing our grippers and cleaning the inside. There is a lot of stuff that gathers and goes on to the ice. You'd be surprised. 

 GORE Regionals

The young girls team of skip, Jessica Byers, vice, Mackenzie Tidey, second, Destiny Wilson-Wells and lead, Lena Haase, were victorious as they played in the GORE Mutal Fund regionals on Feb. 4th and 5th. The girls will now be heading to the Provincials. Congratulations girls! Coach Hugh Nichol is very proud of this team. 

 High School Boys and Girls win Preliminaries

Last weekend the high school boy's team coached by Russ Duhaime won 3 games in the preliminaries to the Kawartha playdowns. This competition was held in Omemee. The team consists of Chris Draper, skip, Dustin McCready-Debruin, vice, Josh Colicchia, second and Brian Wheeler, lead. 

The girl's team coached by Alexis David has Emily Parish as skip, Alanna Casper, vice, Emma Casey, second and lead Ania Smolen. They too, won their 3 games. Congratulations girls!

 Success at Bonspiels

Our men's teams have been very busy travelling to various clubs in the past month. Before Christmas I told you about the Dollo Masters and how our club was victorious, so here is their picture:


 The team was skipped by Dave Connell, vice, Don Wetmore, second, Bill Hutson and lead Dave Luke. Well done! 

I bet we are very popular in Minden as our club also won the CarQuest spiel in January. Congratulations to Skip, Don Wetmore, vice, Mitch Stephen, second, Rick Dingman and lead, Dave Ogilvie. 

 Men's Skyline Bonspiel January 20 - 22, 2017

What a great time 24 teams and 96 players had on this weekend! The committee of Dave Moss, Kent Milford, Don Wetmore, Steve Colliver and Russ Duhaime worked tirelessly to provide some new twists to an old bonspiel that has been in the Haliburton Curling Club history for over 50 years! 

Missing from the photo is Russ Duhaime. 

Tons of delicious food (supplied by Ron Tenthorey of Camp Wanikita), a barbequed steak dinner (supplied by McFadden Meat Market), entertainment Saturday night (Carl Dixon), designated drivers, lots of volunteers in the kitchen and great prizes welcomed these curlers from across the province. 

The spiel was won by a team from Lindsay curling club skipped by Matt English. One Haliburton team made it into the "B" event finals skipped by Darrell O'Neill, vice, Don Wetmore, second, Dave Moss and lead, Rick Ashall. They lost a very close game in an extra end. All of us were on the edge of our seats. 

 Notice a pattern here of Don Wetmore? Been in a few pictures this month, Don!

Todd's Independent Invitational Mixed Bonspiel Feb. 3-5, 2017

Again, the club entertained a full house of 24 teams and 96 curlers from across the GTA. A lot of returning curlers and some new faces graced the lounge and rink for 3 days. Lots of great curling and shot making, plenty of delicious food, fabulous raffle gifts and awesome MEAT prizes were enjoyed. The addition of a photo booth inspired by Wendy Hewson was a lot of fun. Can you guess who these beauties are? 

 The spiel was won by a team from York Curling Club that have never made it back to the Sunday finals in the years they have attended. Skip, Darrell Cain, vice, Sharon Cain, second Frank Coschi and lead (our own Helen Baker spare for Nancy Coschi), were thrilled with their 1st place win against our beloved John and Cheryl Smillie, Henry and Sue Lenarduzzi. 

In the "B" event final a Haliburton team skipped by Mitch Stephen, vice, Wanda Ruddy Stephen, second, Bruce Griffith and lead, Eva Griffith lost a good game to Stephane Lauzon and his team from Bradford. This was the first time Bruce and Eva had been in this spiel and they did a fantastic job. 

In third place in the "C" event was Bob Johnston as skip, Kim Lewis, vice, Chris Marsh, second and lead, Candy Robinson. Great showing, Haliburton!

We had a number of Haliburton curlers that helped outside teams by acting as spares so thank you Bob and Anne MacNaull, Helen Baker, Joan Hawley, Don Critchley and Linda Boore. 

Did you see Glenn Smith on the front cover of the Echo? Fantastic picture!

I would like to personally thank everyone who was involved to make this bonspiel such a success. From those ladies and gents that helped in the kitchen, made sandwiches, cookies, muffins and loaves, worked to make the best ice in the north - John, Ron and Mitch, registration - Garth, ticket sales - Dave and Ferne, program - April, raffle prizes - Sue, Laila, Alison, Jan, Melanie, Linda, Wendy, Laraine to all the individuals and businesses that contributed as a sponsor or donated to the raffle. The committe of Bob Johnston, Sue Mason, Wendy Hewson, April Martin, I say thanks. 

The bottom line is that our club is doing well because we have the greatest members! Without your support when we have all these events happening at our club, we wouldn't be thriving like we are. Is there room for improvement? Of course! We can always use a fresh face to help with the organization because as you know, most of the time, it is left to the same people. Don't be shy. Put your name forward. Next year we need a convenor for the Jack Robertson spiel. 

Our 75th Anniversary Celebration

In the January newsletter, I mentioned that in the following newsletters I would include some history about the club. I talked to Wayne Hussey who wrote a lovely story about the beginning of curling in the community. The following are some points from his anecdotal tale. 

"The Haliburton Curling Club was started in 1942 when I was 2 years old. Both my mother and father were curlers. My father came home from World War II in 1946 when the curling club shared ice with the local Haliburton Huskies and other skaters in the Dysart arena. The curlers and hockey team tolerated each other for awhile. The curlers planned a bonspiel and worked to get the rink ready to curl on the Saturday. They checked all the rings and hacks and turned off the lights. The hockey team arrived for a late night practice and proceeded to wreck the ice. 

The curlers knew they had to do something and decided to build their own rink. They agreed to help build it and did so by donating their time and expertise. The Hay Lumber Co. donated logs and cut them for a very reasonable price. 

The original club was 3 sheets and a 4th was added by 1950. The ice surface was natural ice - very weather dependent. You couldn't even play on it sometimes because of water on it. 

The club did not own their own curling stones until the mid 50's. So originally the stones were privately owned and usually in pairs. 

When playing a game, the stones were often borrowed or loaned and to identify which team you were on was done by installing a steel ring with red ribbon or white ribbon.

Sometimes the viewing windows which were single pane became so fogged up by the ice that candles had to be lit to clear them so you could watch. 

In the 70's the club received an Ontario grant and had the old building removed and a new building constructed. The old building was rebuilt as the Haliburton Community Funeral Home."

Thank you Wayne for all your information. I would love to get some more tidbits about the curlng club history so if anyone has some stories they can share please let me know. 

Frost Festival 

This coming Family Day weekend, the town of Haliburton will be hopping with lots of activities centered around Head Lake park. Anyone up for the Polar Bear swim? 

Keith Clarkson and Garth Krieger have been instrumental in organizing a curling rink on Head Lake park. In Keith's absence, Garth has taken over the reins. This Thursday, Feb. 16th, at 1:00pm Garth, Don and Paul Hillaby and John Watson will be at the lake creating one sheet of curling ice. If anyone would like to come and help, I'm sure they will not turn you away.  

Saturday, Feb. 25th, from 10am - 3pm we need volunteers to man the curling rink for visiting members of the community. Rick Ashall has agreed to bring over 4 junior rocks and 4 brooms and stay for awhile. Wayne Hussey will also help around noon and Garth will arrive around 1:30pm to finish the day and bring the equipment back to the club. This is a good way to showcase our curling club to everyone in the community. Volunteering your time to come and help kids and adults try the sport would be greatly appreciated. You can show up at the lake by the docks sometime between 10am and 3pm or speak to Garth (705) 754-2254. 

In Memoriam

It is with sadness that we announce the recent passing of Bill Medland and Bob Nichol. Both were former members of the club. We would like to extend our sincere sympathies to their families and friends.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, Feb. 25 - Curl for Care bonspiel hosted by Haliburton
  • Sunday, Feb. 26 - Practice & Instruction 12pm - 2pm
  • Wednesday, March 1 - Jack Robertson bonspiel hosted by Haliburton
  • Saturday, March 4 - Highland Lassie bonspiel at our club
  • Monday, March 6 - 4 Town Ladies at Bobcaygeon
  • Friday, March 24 - End of Session 3 curling schedule
  • Saturday, March 25 - Friday night social league final bonspiel
  • Sunday, March 26 - Practice & Instruction 12pm - 2pm
  • Playoff schedule will be posted by Kent
  • Friday March 31 - First game of the "Best, Best Ever" bonspiel

Keep Saturday, April 8th open for the Best Ever closing bonspiel dinner and presentations. 

Curling will be finished April 13th and the ice will come out after the Easter weekend on Mon. April 17th. 

In conclusion

Guess what tomorrow is? Valentine's Day! Not that I'm looking for any red roses on my desk, but even a picture of some? LOL

I hope all our members who are reading this while enjoying the hot sun and pool parties are so envious of us struggling to keep our driveways clear of snow. NOT!

Have a great day everyone.

Mare Out...........


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