Good afternoon. How is everyone today? The sun is shining! I have included in this newsletter the results of the Best Ever Closing Bonspiel as well as some important information that I need you to read.

Best Ever Closing Bonspiel

Wow! How was the Best Ever Closing Bonspiel? "Amazing", "Outstanding", "Fun", "Phenomenal", "The best party this club has seen in 20 years!" and the list goes on and on of the various comments we heard last night and over the past week. 

If you are still on vacation, Man! You missed a fantastic dinner and dance. Carl (Lewis) Dixon (Oh no, that's not it, is it Kent?) and his band were just incredible and played all the music we love. For once, I finally get to tell the world Kent made a mistake! Hahaha Maybe now, he has to step into the role as President? What do you think? 

Our pig masters, Garth Krieger and Keith Clarkson with the help of Del Watson and Peter Byer cooked the pig to perfection. Kudos to these men and especially Garth and Keith who organized the pickup, delivery and set up.

Check out all the pictures of this event from start to finish on our website, You don't have to log into the Member's area to see the pictures. Once you are on the main home page, go up to the menu items at the top of the page (ie. Club, Curling, Bonspiels, Club Events, etc.). Choose "Club" and a drop down menu will occur. Go to "Picture Gallery" and you will see all the pictures I have posted since the website was created. Click on "The Best Ever Closing Bonspiel, 2017" and the 64 pictures I took of this event are there. 

Don't forget to "Like" us on our Facebook page. If you go to our facebook page you will see a picture of Jack Cox at the World's Curling Championship in Edmonton waving the Canadian flag. He is famous all over the world. That's our Jack! Share our page with your friends. 


1st place - Ron Draper, skip, Lesley Milford, Bob Manary, Don Gentle

Runner up 1st place - Don Wetmore, skip, Glen Carter, Eva Griffith, Nancy Hughes

2nd place - Glen Smith, skip, Monique Colliver, Fred Jansma, Donna Smith

Runner up 2nd place - Mitch Stephen, skip, Dave Ogilvie, Joan Hawley, Savannah Byers

3rd place - Jessica Byers, skip, Nancy Walker, Brian Hambly, John Devine

Runner up 3rd place - Mary Hillaby, skip, Ania Smolen, Michael Mardus, Ken Gurdon

4th place - Sandra Duchemin, skip, Mike King, Jonah Aldom, Julie Tolentino

Runner up 4th place - Wanda Ruddy Stephen, skip, Sue Mason, Chris Marsh, Jackie Bradbury

Congratulations to everyone. We are especially proud of all our new curlers and youth curlers that signed up, played fantastic and even won some prizes. 

Congratulations to Linda Boore and Ron Draper who decided to share the $250 winnings from the Elimination Draw. Linda, you are quite the sport! 

Thank you

Thank you to all the wonderful members that contributed salads, veggies, ice cream sundae sauce, pork sauce, fruit etc to the dinner. There was plenty to go around and once again, delicious. Did you know that Mitch Stephen and Neil Darby made the beans? They were so good, there weren't any left! 

Thank you to John Watson, Ron Draper and Mitch Stephen for keeping our ice so amazing for even this time of the year. John is the smartest and best ice technician in the region. We are so fortunate to have his talent at our club. I bet he will be happy after next week is over! 

Thank you to all that helped contribute to this bonspiel - Kent, Steve and Monique Colliver, Mike King, Maddie, John Childs (for all your bar help), Peggy Devine (my sous-chef), Sue Mason, Rhoda Warham, Joan Middleton, and my crew that helped set up and take down all the tables (Chris, John, Neil, Dave, Kent, Don H., Don W, Peter, Clare, Lesley, Lolita, Jackie, Sue, Ed). Thank you to all of the members that helped in the kitchen throughout the week. If I have forgot anyone, my apologies. 

Thank you to Dave Ablett for organizing the youth curling raffle. There were several members of the club that helped Dave sell tickets and make a profit of over $2500 for the youth curling program. Amazing! Congratulations to all the winners that were recognized last night by Terry Lawrence and the kids. 


League playoffs will be held this week. Any questions of when you play should be directed to Kent. 


 The Haliburton Curling Club is the home of a wonderful, inclusive group of people where friendships have developed over the years. New curlers that have never stepped foot on a curling rink and those that bring experience always tell me that they are made to feel welcomed. How special is that? 

Look how many members signed up to help at the Home and Cottage Show happening June 3-5th. What does that say about our club? If you still wish to put in a couple hours over the weekend please email or call John and Lynn Childs, or speak with Rick Ashall, the show convenor. Remember that the work we put into this show and the overall outcome helps keep our membership fees from skyrocketing. 

I want to thank Debra Dart, our rental co-ordinator for her hard work and dedication she has put into organizing club rentals. Debra will be leaving this post August 31st and we are looking for a replacement. Please contact Debra or myself if you are interested in this position. This is another facet of the club that is very important as it not only helps get the message out to the community that we are open to meetings, parties, showers, etc but it also helps bring in revenue. 

Harvey Bates, our sponsorship chairperson, will be looking for helpers to go into the community and promote the purchase of an ice ad. All the ice ads and the banners that hang on the wall are very important to not only the businesses but also to the club. This brings in a huge revenue. All it takes is a few hours of your time and we give you some money for gas. The ice ads are usually collected in the spring and summer. You can contact Harvey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (705) 754-0999.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday. I know there are several winter sports that Haliburton has to offer its community but I have to say that curling should be one of the top favourites.

I will still be sending out a newsletter but not as often. I know, I know, "YAY", I can hear it now. 

Thank you all for your wonderful support this season. Tell your family, friends, and neighbours to join the best curling club in the region.

The Board of Directors really appreciate everyone's contributions. Remember that we are always looking for volunteers to step up and take a role on the Board or help organize an event. Talk to me.

Mare Out....................

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